[lang=en]I had a colonoscopy 2+ months ago due to blood in my stool. It turned out to be hemorrhoids. The doctor stated that I was "squirming throughout the procedure." As soon as I woke up, I had pain in my left side, under the bottom left rib. The pain persisted, I went back to the doctor and they recommended I get a CT scan and blood work. Everything came back normal. It was then stated I should I have an endoscopy. I then had an endoscopy with another doctor, it too, came back normal. The doctor then stated "there is nothing else I can do for you." I have never had pain in my left abdominal area, until the colonoscopy. The CT scans, blood work and endoscopy were normal. I do not feel sick, I do not have any blood in the stool or any other symptoms at this time. The pain persists under the bottom left rib to this day, more than 2 months after the colonoscopy, in addition, I still cannot lay down on my left side without pain. I have been two different GI doctors, they have seem to run out of ideas. I suggested another colonoscopy to see if something happened during the first one, they shrugged at the idea. Can someone help me?[/lang]